Thursday, March 26, 2015

April Fooling at the Library

In the children's room at Wheeler Memorial Library we're feeling really ready for spring, and really full of spirit! Every Thursday in April we're hosting a different theme and hope that if you stop by you'll join in our fun. Want to see your librarians wearing crazy hats or sporting their finest footwear? We want to see you, too!
April 2nd-- Necktie Day
Borrow a tie from your Grandpa to look like you're ready for business at the library!
April 9th-- Hat Day
Show us your Easter bonnet or a hat with everything on it!
April 16th-- Crazy Hair Day
Braids, bows, spikes, or curls! Let your hair down at the library!
April 23rd-- Fancy Shoe Day
If you have happy feet, walk (or dance) them down to the library! Show off your favorite footwear!
April 30th-- Color Day
Wear all the colors of the rainbow, or your favorite color from head to toe!

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