Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Toto returns to Wheeler Library This Saturday!

Come celebrate National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week with the return of Toto the Tornado Kitten to the Wheeler Memorial Library on Saturday November 8th at 10:30. The program is free of charge. Now a cat, Toto has 2 books telling his story written by his owner Jonathan Hall. When Toto was rescued after an F3 tornado struck Western Massachusetts, was only two or three weeks old and weighed only 6 ounces. Toto is an extraordinary example of the wonders that come from animal shelters and animal rescue agencies.

Through the combined efforts of a professional clearing trees, the team of EMTs working the Brimfield fire station on June 2, 2011, and the Animal Rescue League of Boston, Toto survived to become a charming cat. First Toto was taken to the Brimfield Fire Station where he was nursed for the day. But when it was determined that Toto was in need of veterinary care, the workers from the Animal Rescue League of Boston stepped in. Toto had to be taken to their facility where, despite being critically ill from his tornado adventure, he recovered. Finally in August 2011, Toto was adopted by two of the EMTs covering the station the day Toto was found. Since then Jonathan and Amy have given Toto a loving home and Jonathan has discovered ways to share Toto's story of a positive outcome within a tragic time.

If you would like to meet the very sociable Toto and hear his story first-hand from Jonathan, come to the Wheeler Memorial Library in Orange at 10:30 on Saturday November 8, 2014. There is no cost for attending the program. But at this time it should be recognized that Toto has raised $36,000 for animal shelters through the sale of his books. It is an amazing story of all the love a small cat can encourage larger humans to give towards the creatures of this world. Seating will be limited so please come by or call the library to register before hand., 978-544-2495 x103. Those who do not sign up in advance will be admitted on a first come, first seated basis. All are encouraged to help our local Athol/ Orange Shelter by bringing a donation of pet food to the event.

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