Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reading, Helping the Community, and Having Fun = Wheeler Library Children's Reading Club

Keith Lyman and some of the summer readers.
The members of the 2014 Fizz Boom Read Summer Reading Club at Wheeler Memorial Library have been very busy. One recent event was Truck Day when 38 children and adults enjoyed sitting at the controls of one of G and S Lyman's BIG trucks. They were also able to get a close up look at the engine and learn how hard it works. Pete's Tire Barn lent their Boom Truck with a huge tire suspended. So everyone was able to compare their size to the tire. The morning's activities reminded Mrs. Candy Cross of the time Gulliver Travels went to the land of the Lilliputians.

On Wednesday August 6 at 6:00, members of the club and their families are off on another adventure. This time they will arrive in the land of laughter with Alex the Jester in charge of tickling the audiences' funny bones. This is a show guaranteed to bring smiles to people of all ages. And the price of admission can't be beat. It's free as are all the programs and services that the library offers all year long.

So far this summer the children have read 625 hours with 3 more weeks to log more hours than the 2013 total of 1,332 hours. Thurs. July 31 at 7:55pm is the last chance to sign up so your reading time can be counted toward the goal of 1,500 hours. Mrs. Candy Cross is worried that the goal may not be reached, so please come in and help if you can. Remember every minute of reading time recorded earns a penny for our neighbors at the Orange Food Pantry. And everyone who contributes time is invited to Candy's fantastic Make-Your-Own-Sunday Party. While waiting for Ice Cream Day, there are also prizes for those who read 5 and 10 hours as well as awards for the top readers.

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