Monday, July 15, 2013

Get Your Small Engine Repair Info Here!

Small Engine Repair Reference Center™ (SERRC) is a valuable online research tool you can access free of charge via the library's web site.

SERRC provides detailed, yet user-friendly repair guides for all manner of small engines. All of the content is organized in a powerful, easy-to-use manner so that users can quickly gain the information they need. SERRC offers assistance in providing routine maintenance (tune-ups, brake service, etc.) as well as extensive repairs (engine and transmission disassembly) and allows users to search by product type, brand, model/engine type, specific area of model/engine type, and model numbers. PDF full text is available for all documents. Specifically, SERRC includes:
  • more than 470 full-text reference books with original photos and illustrations that guide the user through every job,
  • information on more than 25 years of many engine models,
  • coverage of more than 90,000 repairs, and
  • a unique, user-friendly interface.

For access to the , please go to the library’s database/electronic resources web page, click on the Small Engine Repair Reference Center, then enter your library card number.  For a short video tutorial, see the following video:


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