Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Fabulous FREE February was Fantastic!

PHOTO:  Wheeler Memorial Library's Tuesday morning story time welcomed some very special guests, a Pygmy Hedgehog and Rachel Griffith of Teaching Creatures
Fabulous Free February Fun at Wheeler Memorial Library proved to be a Fantastic vacation experience.   Nine programs that reached out to patrons of every age were attended by 179 people.  Not only did the attendees increase their knowledge and practice new skills through these special programs, but they also went on to explore their interests with 229 people taking advantage of all the children's room has to offer day to day.    Following the excellent example of Rachel Griffith from Teaching Creatures, children of all ages and adults, too, were able to watch up close and handle a Pygmy Hedgehog, Australian Sugar Gliders, a Ball Python, a Day Gecko, and a Hissing Cockroach .  Older children and adults, under the expert teaching of Royalston Librarian Kathy Morris, practiced the very old art of Wheat Weaving while they learned that our local region used to be a major manufacturer of hats.  Kathy was proud to proclaim that she first taught herself this beautiful art by reading books.  Mad Science of Northampton was the next guest presenter.  A full room of upper elementary children took time out from their vacations to learn about chemical reactions.  Some were  then motivated to borrow books of experiments  from the library.  Throughout the week a group of hard working teens rehearsing and creating  props  for the play they have been asked to present on March 10 at 2:00 in the Shelburne Falls Syrup Festival.  The teens have been meeting since Sept to write their original play.  As the challenges of acting on a very large stage in an auditorium that seats hundreds draws nearer, these 8 brave teens have gained a lot from the coaching of Jonathan Mirin from The Piti Theatre.  Also continuing beyond the confines of February vacation, the Stuey Lewis Book Club had it's first meeting during the Wheeler Library's Fabulous FREE February vacation.  Receiving their very own copy of Jane Schoenberg's Stuey Lewis Against All Odds, led this lively group to think of many questions they will be asking this local author when she visits with them on March 15th.  What started as a break from February's tendency for cabin fever will keep all these happy library patrons learning and growing until the grass turns green.

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