Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Apple Tree Project Takes Root

 Photo: Thirteen people participated in a recent workshop on planting apple trees which was held at the Moore-Leland Library in North Orange. Participants were, left to right - Norm Flye, Haley Beaudet, Jonathan Beaudet, Janice Nicoliello, Cara Cleveland-Cutter, Dianne Salcedo, Leslie Witty, Clare Witty, Genny Morley, David Briand and Sharon Senn.

David Briand, who has planted orchards in New Salem, led the workshop and prepared people for planting a community orchard of six apple trees on the library grounds. People then teamed up to plant the six trees using local compost from Clearview Composting. The tree varieties included three Liberty trees and three Freedom trees. These are disease resistant apple trees and should grow in this climate.

In about three years, the trees should start to produce apples. Meanwhile, community members will water and maintain the trees. It is hoped that the trees will not only produce apples for the community in the future but also serve as a learning experience for pre-school students from the Head Start program operating in the building next to the library.

Workshop participants learned not only how to plant the trees but got pointers on pruning and training the branches by using clothespins as a way of weighing down the young branches. Of the 13 participants in the workshop, Sharon Senn of Orange was the lucky winner of a seventh apple tree to bring home and plant.

The Community Apple Tree Project is a project of the Orange Town Energy Committee (ad hoc) with the support of the Trustees and Friends of the Orange Public Libraries. The project is funded by a grant from the Garlic and Arts Festival Community Grants Program. The ad hoc Town Energy Committee for Orange meets once a month.

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