Monday, July 06, 2009

Orange Library Summer Program Blasts Off

PHOTO: George Pechmann from the Boston Museum of Science coaches Megan Ward in the science of rocketry as her mom, Kate looks on. Waiting their turn to launch their balloon rockets are Colleen Ward, Maggie Bramhall, and Phoenix Thompson. Kneeling in front, assistant Michelle Bezio helps Samuel Bennett ready his rocket for blast off.

The Wheeler Memorial Library's Summer Reading Program has blasted off with 214 participants registered, 407 hours of reading logged in at the library, and at least 50 children having completed their first chapter book. All of this was accomplished in the first 2 weeks of the program! The first special activity pictured above met with an excellent response from children excited by science. Over 100 people participated with each of four sessions filled to maximum capacity.

An extraordinary program for older teens is coming to the library next week when professional artists/ graphic novelists, Andy Fish and Veronica Hebard, will teach the techniques behind the very popular Japanese Magna style of illustration. This will be another hands on activity with the participants completing their own drawings. Andy and Veronica just opened a very well received exhibit of their art at a Boston Gallery. You can go to their web site to share in the excitement that surrounds their art.

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